4Pcs Child Safety Table Corner Cushions Edge Protectors Baby Kid Soft Protection


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4Pcs Silicone Corner Protectors



  • High Quality Material
  • Lightweight Triangle Soft Shape
  • Good protections from sharp corners
  • 4pcs in a set
  • 3m Adhesive tape to be cut to the desired size
  • Please note all sizes are approximate
  • Please apply on a clean and dry area
  • Strip the protective label of the adhesive at the back of the corner cushion. Make sure you don’t touch the adhesive
  • Place the protector carefully on the desired corner and press firmly against the surface
Dimensions: (H)2.5cm x (W) 3.5cm x (D) 3.5cm
Damage goods:
If your product arrives damage please provide 3 pictures: An image showing the damage, another showing the outside of the packaging, finally one image of the inside of the package where packaging and postage label are visible.
Delivery is to UK Mainland addresses only. Couriers may vary depends on the quantities.


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